13 hours of the discovery channel

an ironic, multidimensional algorithmic transformation of 13 discrete hours of time warner's discovery channel. you learn nothing from material designed to educate; you are not conventionally entertained by material designed to entertain.

comissioned by park 4dtv -- thanks kuno!

if you don't see it on your screen, quicktime five is not correctly installed on your system.

this is an enormous file, inappropriately sized for the web. if you are interested in displaying this movie in a format more appropriate for its content, send me email and we'll talk about getting you a full screen full motion stereo videotape of it.

this piece was a rhizome net-art daily pick, and the wonderful folks at neural.it were kind enough to feature it as well.

made with the discovery channel, max-msp and nato modular, although had i known in 2001 what i know now, i would have used jitter instead of nato.

if you are legal counsel for time-warner, please contact me. i'm not a punk-ass.

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