dervish is a somewhat idiosyncratic free-as-in-beer video mixing application for the Macintosh, authored in cycling '74's max/jitter programming environment.

it is primarily being released as a teaching tool for max and jitter. information on max is here.

a screenshot of the program is here, in png format, and here, as a jpeg.

it is a work in progress. i am providing both a compiled application, for people without a jitter license, and the source code. you are welcome to download the source code and use it for your own nefarious purposes, or just to see how things like this tick. this is not an open source application.

if you really feel like being a good person and acknowledging me for my efforts, please feel free to thank me. send me email, link to this site or the rest of, or click on the cheesy-ass paypal grafik above to send me a micropayment. no pressure, though. many can and do use this for free.

download the current version here. code is included, as are the compiled versions for os 9 and os X. who's gonna compile for windows please...?

system requirements:

dervish requires a Macintosh with a PowerPC processor running OS 9.1 or higher or OS X 10.2 or higher (a g4/400 or higher with an OpenGL Hardware accelerated video card is recommended) and at least 100 MB of RAM free for the application. virtual memory on in 9 will make dervish's performance completely unacceptable.

dervish also requires that you have QuickTime version 4.0 or later and OpenGL 1.2 (almost always installed with OS 9) or later installed on your system.

release notes

11/16/07 -- my god it's alive! rereleased with universal binary application.

6/18/05 -- binaries for os 9 and os x work with tiger. fixed presentation, updated code. windows binary needed please!

4/15/04 -- adam kendall, of the dearly departed F:T:H, has gone ahead and done the impossible- he has altered dervish to include state-saving! his version lives here.

5/21/03 -- os 9 version updated. not yet wrapped into full package, due to drastic changes.

4/21/03 -- os X version first release. requires jaguar (OS X 10.2). please download, test, comment and tell me if it works for you. o brave new world. No other changes made, sorry.

10/02/02 -- works with non-widescreen-format powerbooks now. documentation slightly rearranged.

9/28/02 -- second release. code is included. multiple stupid little bugs fixed, many remain. documentation is unchanged. still only really good for tiBooks, because of resolution issues.

8/19/02 -- first release. application only. code not ready yet. minimal documentation, in MS Word format. use at your own risk.

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