In the beginning there was the desert.
Entering the playa
Entering the city.
Our camp after we set it up.
Plastic trees and other art forms on the playa.
Why are we here? Good question. Why ARE we here?
And they said the desert was dry...
Yes, people did ride naked on camels.
Even The Man's friends got in on the act.
Being in the desert exhausts Ryan.
Being in the desert REALLY exahusts Ryan.
Frankie and Jay
Frankie and Jay's olfactory oasis: The Playa Flower
The dust storm cometh.
Jon in the dust storm
But the dust always ends...
and the sunsets were beautiful.
Not every camp came to fruition.
Yes, we love our president.
Yes, we love our SUV's.
Water is redemption.
Leave no trace.
Until next year!